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Workshop FAQs
  1. Can I get a refund on my workshop ticket?

As per our T&Cs, please note workshop bookings are strictly non refundable. However, if you are unable to attend the workshop, we will do our best to accommodate changes to your booking with at least 10 days’ notice via email before your booked slot at

  2.  How many people will be attending my workshop?
Our candle making workshop guest capacity is 8 guests. But this is subject to change.


  3.  How long will the workshop last?
Our candle making workshops are usually around 2 hours.


  4.  Can I bring a plus one if they haven't booked? 
Our workshop space only has the capacity to hold booked guests. Please check the website for spaces for your plus one to book onto. Unfortunately we can’t accommodate dogs.

  5. What if i have allergies and sensitivities?

Our workshops involve the use of wax and fragrance ingredients that may present allergen potential. Those with allergies and sensitivities are advised to take this into consideration. If you have any known allergies to fragrance ingredients, let us know before signing up. Gloves can be provided. 

  6.  Can I bring food to the workshop? 
We ask for no food to be present during the session, it's a pretty hands on experience so we wouldn't want food getting in the way. Private events can bring food and drinks on request. 

  7.  Can I take my candle home with me on the day of the session? 
Yes, we encourage everyone to take their candles home with them on the day, but they will need to be kept upright and safe on the journey home to make sure they set correctly.

  8.  After the class how do i trim my wick?

Before trimming your wick, make sure to check that the wax has solidified. This should be around 24 hours after you’ve poured the candle. To start, just remove your wick, pinch the wick and with a sharp pair of scissors simply trim most of the wick, leaving about 5mm worth of wick.

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